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Mariusz Adamski
Quality Assurance

Mariusz is a father of two daughters. He came to the United States on an EB-1A (EB-11) extraordinary persons visa connected with his ability and position in the Polish Air Force. He works as media and marketing communications manager at 5Star Helicopters Company and has a decade of experience in IT Quality Assurance. Mariusz's struggle began when his wife absconded with his children to Poland without warning. He instituted divorce and child custody proceedings in the Eighth Judicial District Court, child abduction proceedings under the Hague Treaty in Poland, human rights proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights, and even testified in front of the United States Congress on The Goldman Act To Return Abducted American Children. The Polish Court recognized the children were abducted, but justified the abduction by invoking "grave circumstances" under Article 13(b). Disappointingly, Mariusz's contact with his children remains virtually non-existent. Fortunately, Polish efforts to impose child support obligations upon him failed, as Nevada courts have refused to extend comity on the basis that he was not afforded a "minimum standard of due process" and that the orders are "offensive to the public policy of Nevada and of the United States of America." He has since renounced all ties to the State of Poland and become a United States citizen.

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