Photo of falconia
Alexander Falconi

Alex is married and a father of one son. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engine...

Photo of foxw
William O Fox
District 8 Coordinator

William Fox is a United States Army Veteran and a Las Vegas native. He is a father of three daughter...

Photo of ctosti1973
Christine Tosti
District 3 Coordinator

Christine Tosti came to Nevada from California and in 2014 began a life as a foster mom. Later in 20...

Photo of bakerg
Glen Baker
District 6 Coordinator

Glen is an underground miner at Barrick Gold Corporation. He is also a political activist and truth-...

Photo of falconib
Brittany Falconi
Courtroom Media Director

Brittany is a mother of one adopted son. She is currently studying social work and psychology at the...

Photo of bolink
Kim Bolin
District 2 Coordinator

Kim is a realtor and property manager for Ferrari-Lund . She also operated as an independent proces...