Photo of falconia
Alexander Falconi

Alex is married and a father of one son. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engine...

Photo of foxw
William O Fox
District 8 Coordinator

William Fox is a United States Army Veteran and a Las Vegas native. He is a father of three daughter...

Photo of sarahcameron
Sarah Cameron
Data Scientist

Sarah is an analytics professional focused on consumer behavior, insights, and targeted advertising....

Photo of zohuraf
Fatima Zohura
Data Management Specialist

Fatima has consistently worked to understand and input data anomalies that our automated software co...

Photo of bakerg
Glen Baker
District 6 Coordinator

Glen is an underground miner at Barrick Gold Corporation. He is also a political activist and truth-...

Photo of falconib
Brittany Falconi

Brittany is a mother of one adopted son. She is currently studying social work and psychology at the...

Photo of brucet
Trevor Bruce
Video Editor

Trevor is an avid gamer with a passion for video editing and all things cars, especially exotics and...

Photo of bolink
Kim Bolin
District 2 Coordinator