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Hazlett-Stevens, Christopher

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Chris Hazlett-Stevens grew up in Glassell Park, CA in the East Los Angeles area. He went on to pursue a career in music, successfully earning income as a classically trained freelance musician in Los Angeles while attending the University of Southern California. He completed his undergraduate work in Criminal Justice and Spanish at Penn State in 1997 and returned to the Los Angelos area to begin his professional career. He attended law school to pursue his legal career in the public sector. Chr ...This candidate has not submitted a description.
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  • Appointed Municipal Court Judge on Nov 9, 2021.
  • Dept. 4 of the Reno Municipal Court.
  • Error Rate of 00.00%0  / 0  on 0 cases.
  • 0 videos.
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Sotelo, Henry N

I am deeply honored and humbled.