Photo of Almase, Heidi Elizabeth
Almase, Heidi Elizabeth
f.k.a.Nagel, Heidi
Misconduct: Imposition Of Discipline by Commission On Judicial Discipline .
For using a Photoshopped image of Duane "The Rock" Johnson as a campaign advertisement, constituting a false and misleading statement made knowingly or with reckless disregard; a public reprimand
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Experience. Common Sense. Compassion.
In 1979, Heidi Almase moved to Las Vegas with her family. She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and studied psychology having worked her way through school as a custodian for the Clark County School District. During her graduate studies, she was nominated nationally and selected as an Honors Intern for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Behavioral Science Services Unit, Quantico, Virginia. Prior to attending law school she served as a state of Nevada Category I Peace Officer with... show more
This candidate is running in Election 2020
Photo of Davis, James MacDonald
Davis, James MacDonald

Many candidates across the ballot have little to no experience.

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