Photo of Stiglich, Lidia S
Stiglich, Lidia S
  Stiglich Scores 93 Percent Approval In WCBA Judicial SurveyJun 27, 2014Reno Gazette Journal
  Stiglich Receives 93% In Judge SurveyJun 27, 2014Reno Gazette Journal
  Stiglich Benefited Most From Out Of State MoneyJun 1, 2014Reno Gazette Journal
  Stiglich Appointment To Retired Judge Kosach's Opening MentionedMay 25, 2014Reno Gazette Journal
  Stiglich Levies Sentence Of Life In Prison For Aces Ballpark Parking Garage ShooterMay 3, 2014Reno Gazette Journal
  Stiglich Challenges Judge She Says Biased Against Her ClientMar 20, 2012San Francisco Chronicle
  Photos Of Wife Of Stiglich's Client, A Sheriff, Released With Bruise MarksFeb 27, 2012Huffington Post
  Stiglich Sentences Killer To Life In PrisonJul 25, 2010KOLO 8
  Stiglich Defends Man, Hardcore Meth Addict, Who Killed VeteranJul 25, 2010KOLO 8
  Stiglich Argues For Client, Lt. Governor's Innocence Regardless Of VenueSep 9, 2009Las Vegas Review Journal
  Stiglich Argues Client, Lt. Governor Is Innocent Regardless Of VenueSep 8, 2009Las Vegas Review Journal
  Stiglich's Representation Of Client Mentioned As Use Of Polygraphs ScrutinizedAug 12, 2009San Francisco Chronicle
  Stiglich Defends Fund Raiser Found Guilty Of FraudJul 12, 2008San Francisco Chronicle
  Stiglich Argues To Jurors That Dogs "Nip" Sometimes, Not Indicator Of ViciousnessJul 31, 2006San Francisco Chronicle
  Stiglich Defends Mother Who's Pit Bull Killed SonJul 18, 2006ABC News
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