Photo of Young, Nathan Tod
Young, Nathan Tod

Young Presiding As Man Admits Drunken Driving CollisionApr 16, 2022Record Courier
Young Acknowledges District 9 Clerk Staff CertificationApr 5, 2022Record Courier
Young Acknowledges District 9 Clerk Staff CertificationApr 4, 2022Tahoe Daily Tribune
Young Sentences Burglar To Up To A Decade In PrisonFeb 27, 2022Record Courier
Young Sentences Inmate Who Punched Another Inmate Unprovoked To Additional 31-78 MonthsFeb 23, 2022Record Courier
Young Gives Wellington Man A Suspended Prison SentenceJan 20, 2022Record Courier
State Mental Hospital Backlog Delaying Competency Evaluation For Young's DefendantJan 16, 2022Record Courier
Young Presiding As Man Faces Prison In Sexual Exploitation CaseJan 16, 2022Record Courier
Young Blasts State Parole And Probation DivisionDec 21, 2021  This Is Reno
Young Gives Man Prison In Vehicle TheftOct 17, 2021Record Courier
State Official Hears Young On RestitutionOct 13, 2021Record Courier
Young Appoints New Public Defender, Quadruple Homicide Looms Over CountyOct 8, 2021Record Courier
Young Orders State Probation Chief To CourtSep 29, 2021Record Courier
Young Sets Sentencing Date For Man Convicted Of Felony DUISep 26, 2021Record Courier
Young Issues Warrant For Arrest Of Man On Probation For Possession Of Drugs, GunSep 9, 2021Record Courier
Young Sends Felon To Prison For Sawed-Off ShotgunAug 30, 2021Record Courier
Young Presiding As Man Accused Of Cashing Stolen Checks Faces A Dozen YearsJul 29, 2021Record Courier
Young Admits Hard Time Considering Probation For Man Who Admits Starting Shootout In Cul De SacJul 3, 2021Record Courier
Young Presiding As Burglar Faces Prison In Hell’s Kitchen CaperJun 26, 2021Record Courier
Young Warns Attorney Not To Blame Client's Actions On Blood Alcohol ContentMay 29, 2021Record Courier