Photo of Shearing, Miriam C
Shearing, Miriam C
Supreme Court Of Nevada
Seat: A


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  Shearing First Woman To Serve As District Judge And Supreme Court JusticeApr 15, 2019Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Says "About Time" Female Majority On Supreme CourtJan 11, 2019Las Vegas Review Journal
  Shearing Recalls Being Told "Women Shouldn't Be Judges" In 1976Jan 11, 2019Maimi Herald
  Shearing First Woman Elected To Supreme CourtOct 1, 2012Las Vegas Review Journal
  Shearing's Senior Judge Commission Mentioned As Non-Elected Positions QuestionedJan 23, 2009Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Authors Decision Overturning Death Sentence In Skinhead KillingDec 21, 2004Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Authors Opinion Awarding Damages To Company After Transportation Department Condemned Parcel Of PropertyDec 20, 2004Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing's Retirement Brings Stampede Of Candidates In Supreme Court RaceFeb 4, 2004Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing To Retire From Supreme CourtJan 30, 2004Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Dissents In Opinion Overturning $36 Million AwardJul 21, 2003Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing And Justices Leavitt, Rose, Gibbons Sign Order Giving Lower Courts More Discretion On BailJun 9, 2003Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing In Attendance At Law Foundation's Silver BallApr 9, 2003Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Concurs With Justice Agosti On Unconstitutionality Of Annoying-A-Minor LawDec 20, 2002Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Recalls How Retiring Justice Young Helped Her In Early DaysNov 14, 2002Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Attends Champagne Reception At Nevada Law Foundation BallApr 17, 2002Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Joins Dissent On Underage Marriage, Says Only One Parent Need ConsentApr 11, 2002Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Agrees With Justice Young In Banning Distribution Of Porno Handbills On Private SidewalkMay 18, 2001Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Mingles At Nevada Law Foundation Silver BallApr 18, 2001Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing Questions Having Any Limitation At All On Contribution Retention CapSep 17, 1999Las Vegas Sun
  Shearing To Tackle Internal Problems On Supreme CourtNov 29, 1996Las Vegas Sun
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