Photo of Rose, Robert E
Rose, Robert E
Supreme Court Of Nevada
Seat: C


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  Robert Rose Seriously Injured In RolloverMay 18, 2013Nevada Appeal
  Rose's Senior Judge Commission Mentioned As Non-Elected Positions QuestionedJan 23, 2009Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Decides Not To Run For Seat As Anti-Tax Editorial Blasts Her Over Opinion On Tax CaseDec 10, 2007Las Vegas Review Journal
  Robert Rose RetiresDec 29, 2006Law Vibe
  Robert Rose Modernized Court System--Helped NonlawyersDec 26, 2006Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Expresses Concern As To Whether Public Understands Judicial QualificationsFeb 18, 2006Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Concurs With Justice Shearing In Decision Overturning Death SentenceDec 21, 2004Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Authors Opinion Overturning $36 Million Award, Judge Mahan Used Wrong MethodJul 21, 2003Las Vegas Sun
  Rose And Justices Leavitt, Shearing, Gibbons Sign Order Giving Lower Courts More Discretion On BailJun 9, 2003Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Recalls How Retiring Justice Young Injected HumorNov 14, 2002Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Dissents Justice Agosti's Opinion In Road Rage Case, Says Award Proper And Due To Rager's ConductAug 25, 2000Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Suggests Doubling Contribution Retention LimitsSep 17, 1999Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Dissents With Justice Maupin's Opinion Ruling No Wiretap Allowed Without ConsentDec 10, 1998Las Vegas Sun
  Rose Comments That Victims Slaughtered As Attorney Bailus Defends Death Row InmateOct 15, 1998Las Vegas Sun
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