NameJurisdictionDeptArticlesCases Error Rate
Gates, Lee A  Eighth Judicial District Court8  1173116.63%
Gentile, Denise L  Eighth Judicial District CourtF  12140.00%
Georgetta, Clel    0000.00%
Gezelin, Emile    0000.00%
Gibbons, Mark W  Supreme Court Of NevadaD  3322222.39%
Gibbons, Michael P  Court Of Appeals2  1315828.95%
Gibson, David S Jr.    9000.00%
Giuliani, Cynthia N  Eighth Judicial District CourtK  85340.91%
Glass, Jackie  Eighth Judicial District Court5  672420.62%
Goldman, Paul S  Eighth Judicial District Court10  2000.00%
Gonzalez, Elizabeth Goff  Eighth Judicial District Court11  7861632.58%
Gonzalez, William B  Eighth Judicial District CourtF  94833.33%
Goodwin, Charles C    0000.00%
Gregory, Frank B    0000.00%
Gregory, Thomas W  Ninth Judicial District Court2  51641.67%
Grierson, Steven    2700.00%
Griffin, Michael R  First Judicial District Court1  424618.84%
Grossman, Dixie R  Second Judicial District Court2  10000.00%
Guild, Clark J     0000.00%
Guinan, James J  Second Judicial District Court6  0000.00%
Mathew Harter