NameJurisdictionDeptArticlesCases Error Rate
Chase, Samuel L    0000.00%
Cheney, Azro    0000.00%
Cheney, Azro E     0000.00%
Cherry, Michael A  Supreme Court Of NevadaC  4136927.94%
Christensen, Carl J  Eighth Judicial District Court7  11133.33%
Cole, Frederick Wadsworth     0000.00%
Coleman, Benjamin W     0000.00%
Collins, Jon R  Supreme Court Of NevadaC  0000.00%
Compton, William P    0000.00%
Cory, Kenneth C  Eighth Judicial District Court1  347329.63%
Craven, Thomas    0000.00%
Crockett, James "Jim"  Eighth Judicial District Court24  2010357.14%
Curler, Benjamin    0000.00%
Curler, Benjamin F     0000.00%
Dabney, Philip J    4100.00%
Davis, John P  Fifth Judicial District Court1  123926.32%
Del Vecchio, Nicholas Anthony  Eighth Judicial District CourtK  88460.00%
Delaney, Kathleen E  Eighth Judicial District Court25  1545623.67%
Denton, Mark R  Eighth Judicial District Court13  2359841.13%
Dobrescu, Steven L  Seventh Judicial District Court1  335410.50%
Mathew Harter